Stress, sleeplessness, loneliness, depression, anxiety, suicide and suicidal ideation …

These are not words that should be, but sadly are now, often synonymous with higher education.

It’s true that more more students are arriving at college with mental illness than in the past.  That said, life as a high school student is more stressful because students exhaust themselves building a resume to get into college. So, while more mental illness typically starts at college, many arrive here with some form of mental illness in large part because they have sacrificed their mental well-being to get into the best schools.

While providing more student services and counseling staff is necessary, there is something universities and colleges can do to prevent more students from relapsing or becoming mentally ill during their time on campus.  That is where we come in at Simply Flourishing.

College age women and flourishing

Our efforts focus on promoting positive mental health, or flourishing, because studies show that increasing levels of positive mental health reduces the risk of mental illness and other outcomes we will list below from many of Dr. Keyes’ studies.

In short, promoting flourishing can prevent the things we don’t want to happen in our students and can in increase the chances students will benefit from all our campuses have to offer.

Below is a partial list of what goes down and what goes up as youth and college students increase their level of positive mental health and ultimately achieve flourishing.

Among students who are flourishing :

  • up-arrowGrades go up
  • Curiosity goes up
  • Malleable mindsets go up
  • Mastery motivation goes up
  • Belief in exercising more self control goes up
  • Knowing what I want out of life goes up
  • Learning from difficult situations and experiences goes up
  • Changing bad situations and experiences for the better goes up
  • down-arrowSuicide ideation goes down
  • Depression goes down
  • Intention to drop out of school goes down
  • Conduct problems go down
  • Procrastination goes down
  • Helplessness goes down