The Challenges:

Equal pay, equal development and career opportunities, sexism, harassment, juggling having a family and a career…

Studies continue to show the unique challenges women face in the workplace. The list is rather long, and unfortunately, it hasn’t changed much in the past decade.

So, what can businesswomen do about it?

Develop new superpowers to zoom past these challenges by learning to flourish!

With the Flourishing Advantage, you can enjoy being:

  • more resilient,
  • less stressed,
  • more mindful,
  • less frustrated,
  • more confident, and
  • less passed over.

Women supporting women is certainly not a unique concept, but purposefully doing so and, together, learning to flourish is quite new. And, for those already flourishing, learning new ways to continue in that healthy space is essential.

  • A 3-month program, designed specifically for women in business.
  • You’ll enjoy the support of our team, and each other – the way it should be!
  • We’ll be using the Potentia platform for micro development lessons.
  • A 6-month subscription to the Potentia platform is included so you can continue growing even after the initial program concludes.
  • We’ll meet virtually, twice a month for an hour, to share, learn and pick the next Potentia “pathway” module for the group.
  • Cohorts are limited to 10 women to afford everyone the chance to actively participate.

First and foremost, is your time. You should plan on 5 – 15 minutes each time you visit Potentia.

Visit the platform as often as you like, but we ask that you commit to a minimum of 3 times per week. Do whatever works for you and allows you to complete the pathway (learning module) the group has chosen.

Because this is a group gathering, your monetary investment for this 3 month program is only $97 a month / or $250, paid in advance.

If this sounds right for you, please fill out this form and we’ll let you know when the next cohort has filled and is ready to start.

Fill out my online form.

If you have questions, please email them – we’re happy to answer.

And, of course, if you know other women who could benefit from the flourishing advantage, please share!

Together, we can all enjoy the Flourishing Advantage!