Speaker services

When he’s not teaching at Emory, Dr. Keyes is often found delivering a keynote somewhere around the world. He does this so often we tease him about it. It’s doubtful he can remember all of them, but you can rest assured that the audience members still remember hearing him.

Wendy is no stranger to the podium either, delivering keynotes at a wide variety of conferences and gatherings. While it’s a bit more rare to get Paula to deliver a keynote, she’s certainly willing to lead more interactive, salon-style gatherings.

If you are seeking a speaker on why flourishing matters, contact us and let’s discuss details and your desired outcomes. One of our team members will likely fit the bill.

Validation services

If you’re ready for an innovative approach to confirm the impact of  your own programming or need assistance in developing large-scale new initiatives around total well-being / flourishing, our team may be just the collaborator you need.

Please note: we don’t want to replace your team – we want to be part of it! If you’re looking for someone to just come in and do all the work – strict “consulting” model – we’re not the right fit. We want your people to learn along the way. We thrive on sharing what we know – a genuine knowledge transfer is our goal. (Remember, as flourishers, we get a huge kick out of teaching and helping!)

If you are seeking such a partner to help you solve this puzzle, contact us and let’s discuss details and your needs and timeline.