What if every person in your organization could be happy, healthy, getting things done and enjoying success without unnecessary stress and burnout?

Yep, we think that’s a super idea too. And, we’re confident it’s doable through the Simply Flourishing practice.

The Simply Flourishing practice is the unique combination of innovative consulting, knowledge transfer and implementation of the Potentia Labs platform. Here’s how it works:

The Simply Flourishing team will help your team with:

Pre-launch consulting

  • Calculate ROI with your organization’s specific data
  • Culture exploration to help ensure engagement
  • Identification of key indicators (KPIs) to measure success
  • Selection of desired courses (customization of the library)
  • Customized onboarding roadmap

Training / Inspiration

  • Encouraging consistent engagement of new practices across the organization
  • Opportunities for deeper engagement through expert-led seminars, salons

HR Support

  • “Train the trainer” for HR to support the success of your program
  • Effective measurement of desired KPI’s
  • In-person and virtual coaching

Accessible via multiple devices

The Potentia platform offers science-backed, developmentally designed courses that build all the areas of mental well-being necessary for individuals to flourish (emotional, social and psychological well-being). Not only are the courses backed by science, many of them have been created by the actual scientists conducting research on the topic!

User data is kept completely private. All training records are password protected. Only aggregate data is used for the dashboard.

The “missions” are purposefully designed to respect the user’s time. The effects are long lasting, yet most require less than 10 minutes to complete.

Smart reminders can be employed by each uses, making it a truly customized fit for individual schedules.

Here are a few ways this offering is different from other “improvement” practices:

Whole-person approach

While user development will ultimately benefit the organization, the strengthening of the user's emotional, social and psychological well-being spills into all facets of their life. And, that's important in our ``hard to disconnect`` world. Happier employees at work are very likely to be happier at home, too!

Training that's scalable, sustainable and affordable

Potentia is packed with science-backed, developmentally designed courses for scalable training that sticks, at a price that's truly affordable, even for small organizations and non-profits.

Scientific measure of progress and effectiveness

The ``gold standard`` assessment for mental well-being is incorporated into the platform. Employed around the world and used by millions, spanning languages and continents, the Keyes flourishing assessment measures progress and sustainability of the positive changes for every individual using the platform.

Activity, completion unlocks higher level courses

Advancement with certain courses ``unlocks`` higher level courses, ensuring the user is prepared with needed fundamentals when they start a course. This is key since incremental development and incorporation of the learning into daily life is the whole point!

Gamification that doesn't feel forced

The Potentia platform is designed to appeal to a broad demographic. It gives the user progress feedback, encouragement and can even email them their next ``mission``. The ``earned`` badges are particularly popular with many users, and help keep them motivated without feeling forced or hokey.

User-driven pathway

While the organization can customize the library, the user makes the decision on what to work on. Allowing each user to select what interests them most means deeper. more consistent engagement. There is no one prescribed path, yet it all ties together in the end - a perfect combo.

Now what?

If this is of interest to you, let’s have a conversation about how your organization can experience the Flourishing Advantage.