We have an undying passion and commitment to a flourishing life for anyone willing to work for it, and any organization wise enough to value it.

Our team consists of an amazing small yet highly nimble group of people, all committed to increasing well-being, positivity, productivity, engagement… and just plain old fun in life.


Paula Collins

Managing Partner, Co-founder

Seasoned entrepreneur, rainmaker, speaker, author, thinker and artist, Paula’s best known for her straight talk, uncommon insights and uncanny ability to put people at ease. An insatiable student of business and people, Paula quickly connects the not-so-obvious dots to help others make substantial, sustainable leaps forward.

Using her scientifically trained brain, she officially wears the “show me” science hat for the team. But, don’t be fooled into thinking she’s all about facts and numbers though. Part humanist, part scientist and part total goofball, from 1:1 coaching and team development to complete business make-overs, she helps individuals, entrepreneurs, NPOs and businesses make substantial positive changes – and, even a real difference in our world.

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November  2015

Discussion about the concept of flourishing, the impact it has in the business world, and the Potentia platform designed to help everyone flourish.

wendy_watkins_headshot 2

Wendy Watkins, CPCC, PCC


Whether Wendy is coaching, speaking or training, she has a way of delighting her clients and colleagues with her passion for positivity and possibilities. For over 25 years, her commitment to being the spark that lights your fire has supported scores of creative entrepreneurs in shifting their thinking and their life to create more joy, fulfillment and success. As she turns the next page to support the world in flourishing, the possibility of more people letting her merge into traffic becomes a reality.

Inspiration to change the world comes for me not only from an intrinsic desire to raise peoples’ Joy Factor, I am also inspired by the work of Corey Keyes, Shaun Achor, Barbara Fredrickson, Marci Shimoff and a host of others that are committed to helping people flourish, to live a life of fulfillment emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have been practicing the processes that we will be sharing in this program and I can say that I do love my life most of the time. It is time that more people learned to embrace these simple and powerful processes for the sake of a better life – for themselves and all the others they touch.


Corey L. M. Keyes, PhD


Dr. Corey Keyes, a pioneer of positive psychology, has dedicated his career to studying what makes life worth living.

Keyes argues that the quality of life should be as important as the quantity — that the public health focus needs to shift from illness and disease to health and well-being. He calls for a complementary approach to healthcare, one that integrates behavioral and social sciences into medicine and public health.

An internationally recognized expert on mental health, Keyes helped conceptualize the principles for a new field known as positive psychology, the scientific study of optimal human functioning. Keyes is one of a select group of scholars striving to shift the emphasis of psychology from fixing what is wrong with people to developing what is right.

His work is being applied to better understand resilience and prevention of mental illness, and informs the growing healthcare approach called “Predictive Health”. This approach seeks to map and monitor the presence of positive physical and mental health, and to develop and apply novel responses to correct early deviations in order to maintain health and limit disease and illness.

Dr. Keyes: Living the Good Life: Positive Psychology and Flourishing

Emory University Series – February 2014

PurposeEconomy100Keyes’ inclusion in the inaugural Purpose Economy 100 is a yet another demonstration of the wide reach and influence of his work.


Pam Parker

Every great team needs someone keeping them on the rails. Our team is no different. We’re fortunate that Pam thinks what we’re doing is important enough to share her time and talents with us.

Our administrator extraordinaire handles all the back office details so we can focus on our clients. Grossly overqualified for the job (seriously, how many retired Colonels do you have on your team?), she keeps her good humor and big smile about her, especially when our antics make her laugh out loud.

Helping others learn about the importance of flourishing, and then finding their own path to get there is vital work. What seems to come naturally to a few should be the norm for many, many more. I’m genuinely pleased to be a part of this team and this effort. It’s fun to help change the world for the better while having fun doing it!